Have you taken a School of Open stand-alone course? Let us know what you think.

We currently offer 15 stand-alone courses open for you to take at any time, any place. Some take a half-hour to complete; others take a bit longer. All are free! Now’s your chance to take one (or another one) and give us your feedback through a short 15 minute survey. You can learn skills that will be useful for you online on skillsuccess.com


The research is being carried out by The Open University (UK) in collaboration with School of Open, and is funded by the Hewlett Foundation in order to support future excellence in open education. Your answers will help us build a picture of how people across the world use online resources for learning and teaching. Our research data will help people around the world make more informed decisions about online teaching and learning. The results of this questionnaire will also be used to help improve future School of Open courses.

The survey is also linked at the end of every stand-alone course so you will be reminded to take it when you complete one of the courses. The survey will remain open through the end of August.

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