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School of Open Africa’s Launch and Future

In September, the School of Open Africa launched with nine programs distributed across four jurisdictions: Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, and South Africa. Kayode from CC Nigeria announced in the launch in August, and now we want to give you an update on how the programs (”>Countinue reading »

Copyright 4 Educators (AUS) opens for enrollment on 20 October

The National Copyright Unit (NCU) is leading a course on ‘Copyright for Educators (AUS)’ in coming weeks, which may be of interest to teachers, librarians, university students studying to become teachers, and IT managers looking to gain a bit more expertise in Australian educational copyright law.
What”>Countinue reading »

School of Open Africa launches in Kenya tomorrow!

Following on the heels of School of Open Africa launch events in Tanzania and Nigeria last weekend, the School of Open Kenya is hosting our own tomorrow to kick off training for four high schools in Nairobi.
(SOO logo here. Earth icon”>Countinue reading »

The 2nd OER Summer Camp on Luxi Island of CC China Mainland

The following post was created in collaboration with members of the CC China Mainland Affiliate team and the School of Open community. Below is a description of the 2nd CC China Mainland open educational resources (OER) summer camp (30th June to 8th July 2014) for the children of Luxi Island, a remote island off the coast of China.
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Join our Open Research course: Learn how to conduct research openly and ethically

Are you curious about what it means to research openly and what benefits it could have? Interested in how you can be open and ethical when conducting research? Wondering how openness could help raise the profile of your research? Thinking about the benefits of sharing reflections on your research?
The award-winning, Hewlett Foundation-funded OER Research”>Countinue reading »